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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following information will help you understand the Thai child modeling industry and the benefits you can expect as a GamDang member. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can my child apply for a modeling job?

You don't need to apply for individual jobs, simply become a GamDang model (it's free) and we'll put your child forward for every relevant job. All the details we have for each job, including the rate of pay, are posted on our Facebook page.

How can my child become a GamDang kid?

You can join now online! Learn about everything you need to know to become a GamDang model.

I need a photo of my child. What makes a good photo?

Our customers usually choose a handful of models from several hundred photographs. If the photo doesn't show how great your kid is, chances are they won't be asked to do the job. The better the photo, the more chance of success.

If you can, get your photos taken by a professional studio. There are many studios in Bangkok that only charge for the photos that you choose to keep (expect to pay around 40-60 baht per image).

If you can't get to a studio:

  • Use the best camera available to you. Not a a camera phone if possible.
  • Make sure there is lots of light. Outside on a bright sunny day is much better than indoors with the curtains closed.
  • Make sure the photo is in focus.
  • Have your child look at the camera and smile. The model should look happy and relaxed and we should be able to see all of their face.
  • Avoid having other people in the photo where possible. We know that photo of baby and Grandma is great, but that isn't what the customer wants to see. The exception here is identical twins where we want to see both kids together in the same shot.
  • Send us the original photo. Don't worry of the filesize is very big, it is much better for us this way.

How much can my child earn?

It varies from customer to customer and from job to job. GamDang will tell you the rate offered for each job up front. We charge a flat 30% commission.

How does the model selection process work?

Each job is different but essentially there are three steps:

  • Our customer contacts GamDang with details of their new project and models they require. GamDang send photos of all our members that match that customer's needs.
  • From these photos (see our photo tips), the customer decides which of those kids they would like to invite to a casting session. GamDang contacts each model, giving them all the information they need to attend, should they wish to do so.
  • The customer selects the kids to do the final shoot and informs GamDang of their decision. GamDang then proactively contacts every model who attended the casting to let them know the customer's decision.

Do you have any maps showing me how to get to a casting?

We sure do. We will email maps to you when your child is invited to cast if you need them. You're never on your own with GamDang.

Casting sounds scary. What advice can you give?

Casting can be a slow process. There can be a lot of people there to audition so the waiting time can be lengthy, but it can also be a great opportunity to meet other children and parents.

When you arrive at the studio, make yourself known to the person on the door who will give you a short form to fill in. Be sure to say you've come from GamDang Modeling.

As you may be there for some time, bring some toys, books or games your child enjoys and having some food, drinks and snacks with you is always a good idea. There is usually a quiet spot you can find if your young child is sleepy or needs some time away from others. When in front of the camera, try to encourage and support your child as much as you can.

My kid did really well at casting but still didn't get the job. Why?

Even before casting begins the customer will know exactly what they are looking for. It doesn't mean you or your kid did anything wrong, it just means they were looking for something different this time.

It can be frustrating not to get picked when your child was so good in front of the camera, but it won't be long before a different job comes along where you enjoy more success. Keep trying!

We won the job! How and when do we get paid?

Again, this varies from customer to customer and from job to job. Usually, money is transferred by bank transfer after the work has taken place. Some jobs pay the same day, some can take several weeks. GamDang will inform you of the details on a case by case basis.

How can I get in touch with GamDang?

You can call us on 08 8878 3709, email us at join@gamdang.com or use our online contact form. Please also visit our Facebook page (and we'll love you even more if you click the Like button while you're there!)

Is my child safe?

Absolutely. The happiness and welfare of your child is top priority and no child or parent is forced to anything they don't want to do. Each job comes with a description so there are no surprises on the day. The studios we work with are very experienced and highly professional.

Is my child's data safe with you?

It is. We only ever reveal your child's first name or nickname, photo, gender and approximate age. Things like family names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and dates of birth are never revealed to anyone.

What makes GamDang different?

We're new, but don't let that put you off; GamDang is run by highly experienced and dedicated professionals with proven track records.

We identified areas in which we can excel in this industry whilst keeping our costs low, primarily through the use of technology, and the results of so much hard work is already paying off in terms of the number of models hired. We charge a flat 30% fee which we believe to be the best rate available in Thailand. We do not charge any registration or subscription fees.

Fundamentally, we believe communication with our models is key: we don't believe in "don't call us, we'll call you". If your child attends a casting, GamDang will let you know the customer's decision, yes or no, as soon as we can.

Above all, we understand you want the best for your child. If you want to enroll your child with other agencies too, please go ahead and do so, we wish you the best of luck. We're absolutely confident we can provide a cheaper and better service so let the best model win.