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Become a model with GamDang Modeling agency

Joining GamDang modeling agency is completely free and can be done here online. Here's what to do:

Step 1: Get a password

  • Enter your email address and Thai mobile number here. Enter these carefully as both need to be correct.
  • An email will be sent to you. If your email doesn't appear within a few minutes, try checking your spam folder.
  • Click the link in your email. An SMS will be sent to your phone with your GamDang password.
  • Now login. Well done, you've registered.

When you login you will be taken to your account page. If a model you know has already been registered with us, you will see their photo on that page and you can jump to "step 3" below. If you do not see their photo, please go to "step 2" now.

Step 2: Add a model

To add a new model, click the "Add a new model" button at the top right of the page and follow the instructions. When you have finished we will add the new model to our website as soon as we can.

If you are registering identical twins with us, please upload one picture showing their faces together rather than registering them one by one.

Step 3: Upload more photos

Once a model has been registered with us, you will see their picture on the left side of your account page. Click their picture to tell us more about them and to upload more photos. The more good photos a model has on our website, the more likely they will be picked by our customers for work.